King Komb Self-Cleaning De-Shedding Tool
The KING KOMB de-shedding Tool by King Kanine works wonders on all types of dogs and cats with short to medium coats available in two sizes Small (Green) Large (Yellow).
Also works great on horses! 
The 2-in1 design of the KING KOMB features both a blade side and a rubber bristle side to get your pet’s coat looking its best
Dual sided de-shedding tool - the blade helps remove excess fur from the undercoat while the rubber brush removes dirt and allergy-causing dander
Ergonomic design that fits nicely in the palm of your hand
Self cleaning retractable blade makes it easy to clean and easy to carry
Helps keep your pet’s coat clean, silky and healthy
An enjoyable and stress-free experience for pets

Fish Treat Dispensers for cats
Cats love to hunt
These fish treat dispensers are available in 2 colours, just hide the treat inside the toy
This dispenser promotes play in your felines

Interactive Thin Cat Feeder
Available in 2 colours Green or Blue
This cat feeder encourages your felines to hunt
A cat’s natural instinct is to hunt for its food, therefore bowl-feeding should not be encouraged
This feeder allows the cats to play and dig for their food

Hexa Bowl Dog Unrivalled quality
The Hexa is manufactured using human-grade polypropylene without BPA or BHT
The high thickness of its walls allows it a better stability to the ground and exceptional resistance to moving around whilst your pet feeds
This feeder slows down dogs regardless of their breed or size and promotes better digestion and weight control

Metro Air Force Cage/Crate Cooling Fan
Accepted for use at GCCF Cat Shows
Powerful airflow, keeps pets cool and comfortable
Attaches to any Cage, Crate or Per Carrier by using the two hooks
Two speeds
Ultra quiet
Pets breathe easier in any weather
Needs 2 x type D batteries supplied separately or you can purchase from most high street stores.