AniMat Cool Gel Mat


The original Cool Gel Mat uses a unique gel that stays cool with no activation. Super cool – perfect for your pet on hot days.

These mats are top quality, being thicker and tougher than many other cool gel mats.
For dogs and cats, young or old, long coated, flat-faced or on medication. If your pet is fit and active, they can easily overheat, the AniMat Cool Gel Mat is clinically proven to lower a pet’s temperature by direct touch, perfect for reducing the effect of overheating from heat-stroke, stress, dehydration, lethargy and loss of appetite.
Use at home, work or travel, kennels, camping or on holiday. If leaving in a vehicle on a hot day, simply fold up the mat and place under the front seats, blanket of beg and it will be really cool on your return
Contains patented cooling gel
No activation needed
Folds for easy storage
Tough and durable – even against cat claws
Washable exterior
Stays cool for hours
The gel does not leak out of the mat if the mat is damaged
Available in 4 Sizes – Small 34cm x 54cm, Medium 45cm x 80cm, Large 60cm x 90 cm and Extra Large 90cm x 140cm

Size recommendations
Small – for cats, Jack Russell Terriers, small Border Terriers
Medium – for Spaniels, Larger Border Terriers, Cockapoos
Large – for Labradors, Collies, German Shepherds
Extra Large – for Long haired German Shepherds, St Bernard’s, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs